Why do you need CRM-system demo?

Why do you need CRM-system demo?

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 17:26 | Vasiliy Tokarchuk

Business users quite often demand CRM-system demo for testing. Let`s find out whether it is reasonable…

What is the first thing business counterparts consider estimating CRM-system? As a rule it is so called usability or how friendly the interface is, when put directly. But the main task of CRM integration project is to make CRM-system more convenient in use within the frames of a certain business process.

Another important reason to have a demo version prior to Siebel CRM development is the possibility to estimate a business process implementation in CRM-system. Unfortunately the practice shows that independent acquaintance with functional capabilities of CRM-system leaves too many questions and misunderstandings. For example the standard Oracle Siebel CRM functional has several (usually five/ten) possible scenario solutions for each task within the frames of a certain business process regardless the sphere. It will be quite difficult to independently understand functional capabilities and find a good solution without preliminary looking through Siebel documentation.

As an example let’s have a typical request processing when a bank call-center operator blocks a credit card and several possible ways of situation management in Oracle Siebel CRM.

Let’s suppose a client has called bank customer service. He uses IVR-menu and inputs his card number…

All ingenious is simple, but not profitable.

Once an operator receives a call he has all available information on the credit card just in front of him. Operator asks for a password (validation data), determines card access level and blocks it via one click.

The task is solved quickly and fast. But where is the guarantee that this way will suit a client, saying nothing of a bank.

In this case there is no client identification (only card link). No access to complete client profile prevents Cross Sales, Up Sales and informing client about the change of credit interest rates, necessity to update contact information because of name change etc.

Moreover this approach is possible only if operator has the right to independently block a credit card.

Information as a reserve

In this case a contact-center operator clicks ‘block’ after the card and client identification as well. This minor change may have a great influence in future. Client card (CRM-system profile) will contain information on card blocking what will help to offer a client Cross Sales and Up Sales campaign. A contact-center operator will also see and be able to offer other services within the frames of active campaigns.

CRM-system Cross Sales and Up Sales are usually implemented in the following two ways: - Planned - sales inside the campaign launched basing on client base segmentation and including bank product and service offers most appropriate for the present target audience (due to a bank marketing specialist); - Situational - the proper scenario runs under certain conditions planned under Siebel CRM development.

Relevant Cross Sale/Up Sale

In this case after card and client identification CRM-system automatically starts card blocking scenario which already contains target offers and works under pre-planned conditions (situational sales).

A contact-center operator will know that he should offer a new Visa Gold card (especially if it is at discount time). The scenario will also understand that it is not the first time when the client loses a credit card and consequently will offer a client two additional impersonal cards to be used until the basic card is available. The cards can also be given to family members (i.e. independent Cross Sale).

If an operator has insufficient system rights, the system inside scenario will contact the responsible specialist in online mode who will block the credit card.

Each of these scenarios has the right to exist under certain conditions. The choice directly depends on the aims the bank costumer support service offers.

As a rule the settings of request processing scenario are given in the process of CRM-system localization. In this respect one should admit that a potential business user will see only the first scenario variant in CRM-system demo which may not impress him at all.

A business consultant will solve the matter, agree business scenario and find the solution which will fully implement client`s demands via demonstration of CRM-system capabilities.


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