Oracle Siebel CRM: from basic to applied training

Oracle Siebel CRM: from basic to applied training

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Thursday, 16 March 2017 10:19 | Aleksandr Shevtsov

My colleague has recently tried to answer the question "why do we teach customers?" in our CRM-blog. Today I would like to describe this training.

In 2009 when Areon Consulting began its activities we already had "backbone" of Oracle Siebel CRM certified professionals who carried the main burden. New employees without experience in this CRM-system always take standard Oracle training carried out by coaches from Oracle Business Consulting.

This way we had the largest number of Oracle Siebel CRM certified specialists in Ukraine by the end of 2010. But the company was growing, the number of implementations was increasing rapidly and we were physically unable to cover the resourcing by experienced Siebel CRM consultants and developers. Engagement of new employees on projects was always time consuming because of difficulties to agree date and location of the training that Oracle Business Consulting provides. Besides, despite standard Oracle training is complex, it doesn’t always go in line with implementation of CRM projects in practice. All the issues mentioned above have led to the developing of own training system in our company. The system consists of several stages:

Basic training

This stage requires the following tasks to be solved:All new employees of Areon Consulting who have joined the company in 2012 and thereon have successfully completed their trainings. The full training cycle takes 3 weeks:

  • First week: stating Oracle Siebel CRM purposes, introduction to functional abilities of CRM-systems and working with them; introduction to a data model and basic abilities of Siebel CRM configuration and customization; studying methodology of project documentation management and reviewing its pillars and examples.
  • Second week: labs on a configuration and customization of Oracle Siebel CRM user interface.
  • Third week: labs on using Siebel CRM abilities during process automation - scriptwriting, Workflows, business-services and etc.

Generally, the training for consultants, QA engineers and software engineers ends after the first week of basic training. The full cycle is taken by Oracle Siebel CRM Developers. Labs (second and third weeks) imply a deep study of existing and most frequently used logical and physical data model.

Of course, it isn’t possible just to train Oracle Siebel CRM specialists up to the level of a qualified expert. This could be done only by means of being involved in project and hands-on experience in Siebel implementation and customization. However training duration is good enough to understand specific terminology and get the idea of "what and where we can find in official documentation".

After the basic training every employee gets full set of training materials:

  • official Oracle Siebel CRM technical documentation
  • presentation materials
  • tasks for laboratory work
  • Virtual Machines with Siebel CRM (Sample)

So, if a specialist wants a professional growth then they can use these materials for self-education and to deepen their knowledge of the CRM-system.

In recent years the basic training took an average of 5 people a month. It contributed to create teams for new projects quickly and increase staff of Areon Consulting Company up to 160 experts.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, we almost always train customer’s staff involved in a project. There is no difference between the methodology agreed with customers and actual (internal) one. That’s why we train customer’s staff and employees of Areon Consulting Company side by side.

This approach enables to look at project targets from a different angle. Experience proves that joint training contributes in making a single view on typical problems and tasks of the project, develops understanding of purpose and usage of Siebel CRM standard components.

Naturally, courses of Oracle comprised the core part of training. But priorities for material presentation have been significantly changed. We focus on the functionality which is most commonly used in current projects and our trainings. And all the examples, typical mistakes and recommendations were taken from real projects not only from books.

Applied training

The basic training isn’t enough for effective work on CRM-project. As for today there was developed a suite of applied courses for a deep study of certain Oracle Siebel CRM functionality and Oracle’s allied products. Courses on opportunities for integration in general and component EIM (Enterprise Integration Manager - a standard tool for the integration of Siebel CRM data level) are the most popular. Also we actively train our customers and staff in Oracle BI. Minimal course for this product lasts 2 days. Advanced course affects specific objectives of the project and lasts 2-3 weeks.

Experience exchange

Today we have ongoing projects not only in CIS countries but also in Western Europe and the USA. It obliges to systematically monitor qualifications of our staff and often results in better use of Oracle Siebel CRM abilities.

We discuss every new tool used in the project for the first time on a special meeting of consultants and developers. It helps to constantly increase the expertise and knowledge of Oracle’s products and correctly determine conditions under which such tools are to be used in the project.

Experience shows that 95% of problems in Oracle Siebel CRM could be solved be means of configuration of CRM-system standard functionality. The better consultant knows the functionality of Siebel CRM, the faster and better they can solve the client’s problem.

We continue the topic of using CRM-system demo. And we try to inform every specialist that there are several possible scripts to implement every business process. Thus, before we "write a code" we should try to find a standard solution that will meet customer needs best.


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