Siebel CRM Services

Siebel CRM Services

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Friday, 06 December 2013 10:04

We offer to our customers all the services required to implement a Siebel CRM project. You can buy all of them if you do not want to involve your own people or you can buy part of them to support your team with our highly qualified resources.

If you are a consulting company you can use our services as outsourced resources.

If you are a company using Siebel CRM you can use our people to do a major project or a minor change to the existing environment. Or you can use our support service as technical support outstaffing.


Consulting is the key to the successful Siebel CRM project. The customer normally has ideas how their business should work but has no defined business processes for this. Our consulting service’s primary aim is to gatherer, analyze and model user requirements.

This includes:

  • Conducting interviews with the key users of the system
  • Identifying their requirements
  • Setting objectives
  • Writing technical documentation according to Siebel eRoadMap Methodology


After the Business Requirements Document is ready, the next step is designing the system. For this phase we offer:

  • Choosing the best Siebel that best fits customer needs
  • Gap analysis
  • Data model development
  • Integration design and data mapping
  • Work breakdown for developers


We have a bunch of experienced developers which you can use when you run out of resources. Our developers have the following expertise:

  • Siebel modules:
    - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    - Universal Customer Master
    - Siebel Workflow Management
    - eScript
    - Siebel SmartScript
    - Siebel Remote
    - Siebel Order Management
    - Siebel Marketing Server
    - Siebel Marketing Email Server
    - Siebel Campaign Management
  • UI development
  • Oracle BI reports development
  • JavaScript
  • VBA, VB Script
  • Delphi


Our integration team is ready to support you in these areas and technologies:


Before the system can be handed off to the customer it should be tested and bugs should be fixed. Our testing service includes:

  • Test scenarios development
  • UI and business logic testing
  • Bug reporting and tracing


Customer staff training is extremely important for Siebel CRM project success. For key users and Siebel administrators trainings we offer:

  • Training materials and handouts development
  • On-site and off-site trainings
  • E-learning trainings development
  • FAQs development


When the project is finished there is still much work to do. As Siebel CRM very quickly becomes business critical application it requires ongoing support on a day by day basis. We offer 2nd line support done by our highly experienced engineers.

Reactive support:

  • Service request registration
  • SLA monitoring and escalation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Incident report s with recommendations how to avoid this situation in the future

Proactive support:

  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • Recommendations aimed to improve system stability and performance


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