Siebel CRM development

Siebel CRM development

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Saturday, 06 July 2013 15:12

CRM process automation projects are usually accompanied by functionality improvements or new components development. Oracle Siebel CRM has the widest functionality capabilities among the leading CRM-systems and solves most tasks via standard Siebel functionality. However, profound knowledge and practical experience in CRM-projects implementation are the only factors that could help to decrease integration time and Siebel Development project costs without any harm to project quality. To make the long story short: Siebel development makes even Pluto seem so close.

Our Oracle Siebel CRM configuration specialists and developers usually implement the following functions:

  • User Interface Design - creation/designing of new Screen, View, Applets (tree-applets; java applets, form applets, list applets)
  • Standard data model modification - Business Components Design, Links, Business Objects
  • Business process automation - use of Siebel Smart Scripts, Task Based User Interface, Siebel Workflow, Application workflow, eScript
  • Other operations done in Siebel Tools except integration

Integration architects are proficient in designing and implementation of the following operations:

  • Contact-center integration via Siebel CTI. We have integration experience in CISCO IPCC (UCCE) Enterprise/CISCO Express, AVAYA, Nortell and Asterisk. The Integration includes incoming call registration/management and Outbound Campaigns automation in Preview and Predictive/Progressive modes
  • Third-party systems integration via WSDL
  • Database level integration - using Siebel EIM and transaction tables as well
  • Virtual Business Components and External Business Components integration
  • Mail - Siebel eMail Response, Siebel eMail Marketing Server
  • Screen Scrapping Integration at user interface level
  • Designing of transaction applications for various operations

SQL development

Nowadays no business can live without a database management system, sometimes even several of them. To certain extend database management systems can solve problems related to process automation, reporting, relationship and enterprise management in whole.

Directly or indirectly, all of our projects are the database-related activities. Development, System Integration, ETL-processes, Database and Query tuning, Database Administration, Backup and Recovery, Database Security are processes and functionalities common to us. We have been maintaining and successfully handling above listed activities for the solid period of time now.

We possess the strong experience in working with Oracle Database 10g R1/R2, 11g R1/R2, MS SQL Server 2005, 2008.

Our experience in SQL development

At the moment, we have Oracle Database developers and administrators. Most of our experts have undertaken a course in certified centers and participated in more than 5 successful projects.

Database Administration - installation, initial database configuration, routine operations on database administration and monitoring. Control and tuning of productivity system and resource planning. Installation and update of software, data migration to new versions or alternative databases.

Architecture, customization and support of scalable cluster systems of database providers. Software development for scalable systems.

Database Development - development and maintenance of software for business process automation and enterprise economic activity, reverse-engineering of existing program systems in order to enlarge capabilities, optimization and improve productivity. Development and maintenance of processes (ETL) related to integration with third systems via advanced software solutions developed by our experts according to enterprise requirements.

Data storage - full range of services for data storage design, creation and support via up-to-date technologies of leading software providers.

Database and Query Tuning - experience in database optimization for increasing efficiency of resource management and system productivity.

Database Backup and Recovery - selection of the best backup strategy according to requirements of data safety and security adopted at enterprise; planning and mode customization of backups according to selected backup strategy; backup running and automation; running a scheduled test recovery; database recovery from backup.

Database Security - data security, limited access to database and/or set of data in accordance with access level. Data crypting and masking. Audition of data access.

Categories of projects that have been successfully implemented by our experts:

  • Data storage design
  • Development of operational data processing system
  • Integration with third systems via different protocols and methods - direct database connect, plain files, xml-documents, wsdl
  • Studying existing program code (reverse engineering) and reorganization (reengineering) of existing systems
  • Call-center automation
  • Design of reporting systems


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